The toolkits are found on the accompanying DVDs

Toolkit 1


1.     Data Manuals

2.     Document Templates

3.     Help files

4.     Manuals Templates

5.     Microsoft Utilities

6.     OpenOffice

7.     Business Plan Images

8.     Reference files

9.     US Census Data Tools

Because all DataGroup and Data Institute database are directly compatible with U.S. Government databases (especially the Department of Commerce, US census, NIST, Treasury, et al) it is sometimes useful for users to use US Government data handling tools to manage not only US Government data, but also the data provided by DataGroup and Data Institute. Alternatively, if you are already using this US Government software you can simply access the DataGroup and Data Institute databases with the same software.

In generate DataGroup and Data Institute databases use the same database parameters, structures and field names as those found in US Government databases, and thus uses can correlate and query databases without undue difficulty.

10.  Utilities & Tools

Toolkit 2


1.     Database Utilities

2.     Enterprise Resource Planning

3.     Integrated Development Environment

If you intend to implement DataGroup and Data Institute databases online (internet or intranet) then an Integrated Development Environment is often the easiest route to data dissemination and data manipulation.